Duties and Responsibilities of Casino VIP Managers

Casino personal VIP managers have many responsibilities and tasks to ensure excellent customer experience for high rollers

Personal VIP managers offer dedicated services to high stake players to ensure that their needs are fully met. It does not come as a surprise that high rollers enjoy exclusive perks and incentives. Research shows that less than half a percent of gamblers bring over 80 percent of casino revenue. VIP managers have an important role to play so that premium players keep coming back.


Casino VIP managers are tasked with developing and implementing retention and acquisition programs to attract and retain premium customers. They monitor trends and market data and profile VIP customers. Managers work in cooperation with CRM teams as to ensure adequate segmentation of incentives, rewards, and promotional offers. In addition, managers plan and organize exclusive events that are invitation only and are reserved for high stake players.

As high stake gamblers have different gaming preferences, managers need to ensure that they have access to the full array of table, card, and slot games, whether it is poker, roulette, or bandarq that they want to play.

The list of responsibilities and duties of VIP managers also includes building 1-2-1 relationships, developing VIP accounts portfolio, and tailoring promotions and rewards programs to specific targets. Professionals work closely with CRM and marketing managers to create and implement campaigns that are delivered via telephone, text message, chat, and email. They are also tasked with creating commercial and marketing strategies and campaigns for which they need strong analytical and strategic thinking skills. To this, they work closely with other casino departments such as Marketing and Finance, Player Support, and Operations. Liaising with different departments helps ensure excellent customer experience for VIP clients.


Casinos usually require experience in customer service and VIP account management and good understanding of customer relationship management and VIP marketing. Fluency in one or more languages is always a plus given that premium customers from around the world flock to casino resorts. Casino employers are looking to hire managers with a social mindset and excellent communication, planning, and organizational skills. Preferred candidates are those who have interest in the gaming or betting industry and can travel to attend major events.

Positions with a Focus on VIP Marketing

There is a wide range of positions involved in VIP marketing and customer service, among which:

  • Relationship executive
  • Commercial executive
  • VIP client relations manager
  • Head of CRM
  • Head of VIP
  • Account manager
  • Account executive
  • Customer relationship manager

The average salary varies based on experience, skills, location, and other factors. In the U.S., personal VIP managers are offered $50,150 a year on average, with salaries ranging from $32,000 to $71,000. In Canada, the median salary is about $52,000 a year while VIP managers in the UK make about £38,945. Salaries vary between £34,000 and £43,000 a year again based on location, employer, and experience.

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