Intriguing Facts You Should Know About Thai Lottery

The article discusses intriguing facts about how Thai players choose lottery numbers and what numbers they consider lucky, alongside enlightening the prizes of the Thailand Lottery.

Being popular among Asian gamblers, the lottery is instituted on an authorized foundation in Thailand. GLO, the Government Lottery Office, governs the lottery games of the nation, offering draws on the 1st and 16th of each month with millions of Thai players participating in them regularly.

Apart from the Thai lottery, Thai players can also enjoy horse racing in Bangkok. However, the gambling regulations of the land reject to permit any other form of gambling activities except these two.

Have you just started playing the intriguing number of games? Do you know there are plenty of exciting facts circulating in the playing habits of Thai lottery players? Let’s take a tour of this page to eye some interesting facts like how Thai players select numbers, what numbers are considered lucky in the country, and more.

The Way Thais Choose Lottery Numbers

A saying denoting tragedy of leads to good destiny is common in Thai people. Thus, license plate numbers of the vehicles that recently faced accidents or the highway numbers where those incidents happened are often seen being chosen by the players.

Players also seek to obtain cosmic guidance from the Mae Nak’s shrine. Very famous among the Thai people, Mae Nak is a ghost of a woman who passed away during childbirth. If you visit her shrine located on Sukhumvit Soi 77, you will notice several people asking for her blessings before tough decisions. At the side of the shrine, a clay pot containing numbered ping pong balls is present to guide players to their lottery destiny.

Which Numbers are Lucky in Thailand

Along with the advent of technology and the inception of internet connection, the way players enjoy the lottery has changed. Now, aside from choosing your favorite lottery numbers, acquiring knowledge about the game is also possible through online platforms. Therefore, before playing the game with real money, try to get as much information as possible regarding the Thai Rath lottery.

Apart from traveling to the famous shrine to find out your lucky numbers, many players believe in interpreting their dreams to identify their numbers. Some of the typical dream sights players love to find out the numbers from are:

  • A figure made of tree bark
  • A cat having four spots on its body
  • Sights of giant snakes are related to as number 5, and small ones are for number 6

Thai Lottery Prizes

The Thai lottery encompasses an 8-tiered prize format, keeping the 2,000,000 x 2 (TGL), 3,000,000 x 2 (TCL) as the jackpot prize that you can win, matching all 6 numbers sequentially. The second prize is 1,00,000, which players receive after matching any one sequence from 5 new 6 digit number combinations. 40,000 is the third prize offered to players who have matched a 6 digit number combination from 10 of them. The rewarding format also contains rewards for 4th and 5th position holders aside from players who have matched the combination’s last 3 or 2 digits. 50,000’s consolation prizes are proffered to players whose number combination comes less or more than the jackpot combination by only 1.

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