Bingo 90’s Musicians Offer Fun and Entertainment

It’s not just old rock stars who make comebacks. Years ago people were sounding the death knell for traditional games like bingo, played in a bingo hall. The appearance of video games, the internet and more interactive TV shows seemed to be doing away with some old favourite pastimes.

However, instead of becoming less popular – bingo has turned the tables and actually become more popular than ever. Traditionally a night out for the ladies, it’s morphed itself into becoming one of the most popular online games around.

Online bingo benefits
When bingo went online in an attempt to reinvent itself, it became super popular with people of all ages. The convenience of being able to play bingo whenever and wherever you want opened up bingo to a whole new audience; just as solitaire had done previously due to the simple fact that it was included as one of the basic games on most early computers.

What better way to spend an evening, or just half an hour, than playing bingo. It’s easy, fun and free in most cases, unless you want to chase the big jackpot cash prizes some sites offer. No need to go out, battle the rain, or find parking. Just log on, sign in and away you go – BINGO!

Variation on an old theme
Bingo has gone and reinvented itself yet again, with musical bingo trending strongly among younger players. What’s musical bingo? Simply, instead of using numbers – you use music; either the names of artists, bands, singers, etc. or actual snippets of tunes or songs to replace the numbers. The basic idea is still the same though.

Players have a bingo card with the names of various musicians or bands on it – and as the names are ‘called’ they appear on the screen. A player has to click on their bingo card whenever they have a name that is called, and when they have all the names in a winning format – they click on the BINGO button to claim the win. Couldn’t be easier!

Music genre, era or artist?

Many online bingo sites offer musical bingo based on different themes; it might be famous ‘90s musicians, trivia-based bingo based on one particular artist such as Michael Jackson, or a particular genre of music, for example, disco, HIP-HOP, soul or blues. So whatever your musical tastes – you can be sure to find an online bingo game which fits your needs.

So forget about any old notions you had that bingo is an old fashioned game – bingo is alive and well, and online, and now offers more variety and prizes than ever before. What’s more, it’s just as social as playing it in a bingo hall, as many of the big online bingo sites provide ‘bingo chat’ where players can interact with each other as they play – or between bingo games.

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